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Our history

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My founder was a wax merchant named Renaud Raoul. He named me "Briochin" after the inhabitants of Saint Brieuc in the Côtes d'Armor region in France, where I was born. 1919 saw the first of a long tradition of top-quality soaps and household cleaning products.

My products were originally popular with printers, mechanics, painters and craftsmen, who found the kind of quality in them that all professionals look for. Later, by word of mouth, the reputation of my products went beyond French borders.

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Certificat de naissance
Savon de l'artisan

A few visionary entrepreneurs had an original idea: what if Jacques Briochin could help all men and women to do their housework simply and with a smile? To make this possible, the products had to be sold in big supermarkets. And this is now the case!






Thanks to your loyalty, the family of products has expanded. It is made up of over a hundred top-quality products you can use for daily housework on all surfaces and in all the rooms of your home!


But don't think I want to stop there! Today, in the world of Briochin, you will find products to take care of your home, your washing, your leather items and even your body... 



Jacques Briochin
L'artisan de votre bien-être
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